Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is that we won’t let you down.

It is our desire to have healthy, wholesome, and long-lasting relationships with our clients that are successful.

We also desire to have transparent conversations and wish to improve on everything that we do.

We invite your feedback, and wish to work with you to give you a result that you are completely happy with.

Your business endeavours are ours, your success is ours. We are a support service and we plan to support you.

These are our guarantees:

We provide multiple amendments at no extra cost.

Our agenda is your agenda, which is to be successful. If the plan or any document requires an amendment, even if it is because we have been provided with inaccurate information, we will do this at no extra cost.

We respond to requests for further information from relevant bodies at no extra cost.

We have found that on the occasion the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will seek further information, evidence, or clarification to be submitted. When this is the case for a document we have written for you, we will happily provide this at no extra cost.

We are committed to keeping our costs at 30% to 40% cheaper than our competitors.

So don’t expect any nasty surprises! With over 20 years advising on businesses and working in senior management roles we are able to lead on the direction for your businesses strategy, marketing and sales processes. We shape the business through our plans with minimal input from yourself or your client.