Our Offshore Executive Administrators

Motivated by the struggle to engage and retain Australians in my migration writing work I left Australian shores in 2015.

I knew a little of offshore staffing as most business executives would and further research led me to the Philippines.

After two months of searching and evaluating a variety of locations I was led to The City of Gentle People – Dumaguete.  There I hired two staff and my operations began.  Within 18 months I had set up my offices and had engaged nine staff.

Two years later, having learnt a working recipe and hence being asked by clients and friends to employ staff for their businesses, this offshore staffing business began.

I still operate my writing business and with a hands on approach my leadership team and I support more than 10 client businesses in Migration, Law, Finance, Mortgage Broking, Real Estate and Accounting, for Australia, the US, Canada and the UK.

Current staff complete a range of activities from managing client software, updating clients files, social media and article writing, emailing clients, making and receiving calls to process and gather and organise client information, event management, research, graphic design, bookkeeping, finding and following leads, and so the list goes.

I find that staff are often underestimated in their capability and what can be achieved with staff that have a healthy mix of confidence and humility and are grateful for the opportunity provided.  We seek to attract and assess staff on their aptitude and attitude, to complete all of the above tasks from the outset and they then become expert in specific areas with time and training.

The recipe I’ve learnt and finessed over the years is where clients are the responsible line managers for tasking and training whilst I support with social, cultural and behavioural monitoring and all the employment and assets maintenance and infrastructure.

  • It’s best to think of these staff as your employees working in your remote office.
  • They are 100% accountable to you 100% of the time.
  • When you embrace them as a full-time member of your team, ‘it works’.

Our monthly costs covers the office, desk, computers, utilities, IT support, internet, my coaching, collegial support and wages.

  • At our disciplined, managed, professional office environment.

Please watch our video to obtain a feel of our staff, culture and surrounds.